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Intelligent Applications and Web Services

Industrial IoT

Our Industrial IoT division aims to provide end-to-end solutions for partners in the industrial domains - from data acquisition to processing, presentation and feedback. This involves complete planning, implementation, integration and deployment of heterogeneous system-of-systems in the fields of production - from the floor to the ERP level. Our IoT devices collect data from the fields of manufacturing, warehouse management and logistics - and provide feedback to operators and management, as well. Our products include Indoor Positioning, Asset Tracking, and data handling in the industrial domain by connecting sensors and actuators in a Service Oriented Architecture.


The Telecommunications Division focuses on re­search and de­ve­lop­ment of net­work­ing services for GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE - and recently, 5G. Our competence covers mobile core equipment for roaming, SMS and value added services, IoT gateways, network mo­ni­toring of the circuit switch­ed and packet switch­ed core. The products we ship with great care and support are based on self-de­ve­loped, lossless, high-precision net­work in­ter­face cards for E1, STM-1, 1Gbit/s, 10Gbit/s, as well as 100Gb/s Ethernet. AITIA Telecommunications has 3x in engineering: expertise, excellence, excitement.
Speech Technology

Speech Technology

The speech technology division of AITIA is working actively on speech recognition research and development for over two decades. Our aim is to provide applications that support computer-based processing and interpretation of human speech. Our speech recognition based solutions include voice control, continuous recognition of spontaneous speech, automatic transcription of media archives, and speech analytics, among others.

Main Partners


Péter Tatai

Péter Tatai

Chief Executive Officer

Péter Tatai received his MSc degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). First he developed professional telecommunications systems at the Research Institute for Telecommunications (TKI), and later he lectured at BME, teaching telecommunications and signal processing until 2005, when he founded Aitia.

Pál Varga

Pál Varga

Director of Telecommunications Division

Pál Varga received his MSc and PhD degrees at BME, where he lectures in the topics of Infocommunications, Information System Management, and IoT frameworks. Beside being responsible for the processes of the telecommunications division, he is deeply involved in EU-wide research projects within the Cyber-Physical Systems and the Industrial IoT domains.

Tibor Fegyó

Tibor Fegyó

Director of Speech Research

Tibor Fegyó received his MSc degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Hungary. Currently he is working on implementing thematic Hungarian language speech recognition systems and designing modern telecommunication-network capable methods, testing voice quality. He is responsible for the VOXenter portfolio.

Company Information

  • Company full name: AITIA International Inc.
  • Operation form: Private incorporated company
  • Established: 25/04/2005
  • Employees: 22
  • Registered Office: Czetz János street 48-50, 1039 Budapest
  • Main activity: System and software development
  • Subscribed capital: 100 000 000 HUF
  • Chief Executive: Péter Tatai
  • Tax number: 13447393-2-41
  • Bank name: CIB Bank Zrt.
  • IBAN: HU95 1110 0104 1344 7393 0100 0003

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